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Celebrating 40

Alica shot by Brian HK Chan

No, this isn't about me turning 40.

I hit 40k fans on my Facebook page the other day, and as much as I would like to say I don't care too much about numbers, it still matters a lot, and often times I'll convert my happiness of celebrating another milestone with a reflective piece of writing (just like this one). 

In under a year, my Facebook following has doubled to 40,000, allowing me to reach more people and audiences than ever. To me, it's not this number that's important, but it's the people this number represents. I feel so privileged to be able to have a voice and a vision that more than 40,000 people in this world are willing to listen to and see. Most of my fans are from Indonesia, followed by Vietnam, Hong Kong and Cambodia, and honestly this is just fascinating to me considering I started my page while I was in New Mexico and I'm now based in Hong Kong. This number, 40,000, is just like petrol to me - it fuels my engines and keeps me running, and I am more than grateful for every single person's click.

And as a new year rolls in, like everyone else, I've got a few resolutions and goals I want to tackle:

  • I want to shoot more. I give myself too many excuses not to shoot because of all the organizing that has to take place beforehand and simply forget how rewarding and fulfilling the actual shooting part is to me. 
  • I want to shoot bigger. Bigger backdrops, bigger movements, bigger dresses. 
  • I want to shoot better. This year, I really want to work on lighting and explore studios a bit more. There's still so much for me to learn and I honestly cannot wait. 

Writing all of that felt pretty good. Now it's time to get to it. 

Alica shot by Brian HK Chan