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Cebu 2016 Photo Diary

Last week, I visited paradise

It was my first time ever in the Philippines. Since I'd been craving a beach holiday for a while but didn't want to travel too far away from Hong Kong, I picked Cebu - a 2.5 hour flight and 15 minute bus ride gets me to the beach! For my 5-day trip, I stayed at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa, a massive hotel complete with its own private beach, mini golf course, spa pavilions and even an arcade. On top of that there's seven restaurants and bars (plus in-room dining) so there was really no need to venture out of the resort at all. 

Prior to flying over to Cebu, I had already fallen in love with the property when looking at the official hotel photos and this video, so I got in touch with their PR team to see if I could do anything media-related during my stay. I ended up doing a full Instagram Takeover of their account - more on that in another post though... stay tuned!

We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather every day. Clear blue skies, the feeling of the sun warming up my skin, the sound of waves crashing... It's been a long time since I've felt so calm and at peace. I tried my best to disconnect from everything that caused even the slightest bit of stress, and it was a great detox experience. At times, I would just stand on our balcony overlooking the beach and just smile. The ocean reminded me of how small and insignificant I am. The wind reminded me to breathe - something I always forget to do. The greenery reminded me of life and how miraculous the world around me is. 

Though it was only a quick few days, it was enough to help push my reset button and give me time to think about all the things I am thankful for. I re-learned how to stop and appreciate, how to pause and create. 

Without a doubt, this was one of my favorite holidays, captured in mere photographs but creating life-long memories. Given the chance, I would return in a heart beat. 

All photos by me.