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Where is BCHK?

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Blue Hair, Don't Care

Close friends will know that blue is my absolute most favorite color. (After that comes pink then green) So when Mildred sent me a photo of her newly dyed hair the other day, I simply couldn't contain my excitement. I immediately booked a studio and a few days later we ended up shooting these beauty portraits. It was actually my first time setting up studio lights by myself (the other times, I've had quite a lot of help), so I was quite intimidated. Things didn't go too well at first as I couldn't get the lights to fire upon me triggering the camera. The pictures turned out yellow and poorly lit. Eventually, with a little help from the staff, we managed to get everything set up and in order - snap, snap, snap! 

I've picked up a few things on my way as a photographer. One of those being how to braid, albeit not extremely well, but hey, isn't messy in right now? Regardless, I was pretty proud of myself for getting all the different colors of Mildred's hair to show. If you look closely, you'll notice that in some of the photos, one eye has white liner near the bottom lashes. This is a result of us experimenting different looks and not succeeding. So please pardon us.