Where is BCHK?
Brian HK Chan

Where is BCHK?

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April: Jeline Catt

Surprise! I have a new blog layout! I wanted to change things up a bit to focus more on my photography and less on the social media aspects and to create a more streamlined experience. If you've visited before, you'll notice I completely removed the top navigation bar and turned it into a hamburger in the top left (not sure if that's the official word for it), took out the whole right sidebar and revamped my homepage to make it more of a blog roll of all my posts. Hopefully you all like it :) 

And the flip side of this post is, I finally shot something personal/creative again! For weeks I've been busy at school and shooting for Rhea Magazine that I've kind of forgotten about why I like photography in the first place - to create pretty images. I was lucky enough to shoot with Jeline again when she was here last week, and even got to meet her sister Jamie, who's a super talented illustrator. Hopefully you like these images! 

Have a great week X.