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Pics of Yanko at Elite London, and a few tips on shooting in direct sunlight.

Yanko at Elite London shot by Brian HK Chan

Sunny doesn't always mean good lighting. 

Yes you read that correctly. Just because the weather forecast tells you tomorrow is going to be filled with sunshine, it doesn't actually guarantee 100% amazing photos. This is because in direct sunlight, or what I like to call hard light, your photo will often end up overexposed and wash out all the features of your subject with dark and unwanted shadows. Hence, for those starting out it's always recommended to try and shoot really early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sunlight is considered 'softer'. Your subject will often be squinting or at least making a weird facial expression - and that's not too ideal.

Here are my quick fix tips to shooting right under the sun: 

  1. Go to the shade! Straightforward and easy right? Just go to a place where the light isn't hitting your subject directly, duh. 
  2. Use a reflector. This can be a professional photography reflector, a white piece of cardboard, or just someone wearing a white shirt (could be you). You just need light to bounce off from the reflector to hit the subject's otherwise shadowed parts of the face in order to take away the shadows.
  3. Move around your subject. Do a full 360 around your subject and often you'll find a great angle.
  4. Use a lens hood. Or your hand, whichever you think is more convenient. 

Of course, as with all things, there's a good and a bad side. Occasionally I do shoot in hard light since I find some shadows really interesting and that these photos sometime end up with a burst of energy.

Regardless, hope this kind of helps!