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Another day, another test shoot, another Elite London guy. (Hey I tried to break it up with my How I Started post yesterday at least!) After all, practice makes perfect, right?

And on today's agenda:

My Thoughts on Others' Thoughts

4 years on, and I still get giddy and nervous for all my shoots. There are, when you come to think about it, so many people's expectations you have to manage: from the models to the agents, and even the model's parents and friends, and don't forget the oh-so-important social media platforms (*cough* Instagram). And even though Tumblr posts often hails "don't care what other people think" attitudes, this industry is all about what other people think of you and your work. Instagram is always a good indicator of how much the model is satisfied with the shoot, and I always get excited when I get a notification.  

Many of my friends have recently asked me how I get to shoot with such big modelling agencies (like Elite London and Major New York), and the truth is, I knock on their doors and ask. I take an exhausting and daunting approach with this: I bring my portfolio to every agency and ask to see whoever is in charge of New Faces. Most of the time the agent is not available and I'll just get a card and leave, and at other times someone will come out and have a quick look at my work. Of the few times I've had someone look through my work, I've often been faced with dressed up versions of "No, sorry". And it's disappointing but I get it. There are so many photographers out there, why do they have to trust me? Remember? This industry is about what people think of you. But instead of getting all sassy and walk out the door, I take a deep breath and ask (with puppy eyes of course): "How I can improve to better suit your aesthetic?" And it's usually this extra step that gets me my first opportunity with the agency or client. 

Yes, at the end of the day what matters most is if you are happy. But if you want to thrive in this industry (or society even), you really have to give and take others' opinions. Always listen and always be open to ideas. If it's not nice comment and hurts your ego, you can choose to either dismiss it, or use it to fuel your ambition and improve your work. You might think it's impossible to please everyone, but it's honestly not that difficult to at least let others know you're considering his/her point of view - and this consideration, this one step back, will open so many doors for you. 

I don't know. Just my thoughts. (It's always great to end an opinion piece with I don't know isn't it.)

Now scroll through and look at Tibor - he's way more interesting anyway. (Honestly look at that face and jawline. And he's only 15.)