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Jordan shot by Brian HK Chan (BCHK)

Hello again, London! 

As you can probably tell by now, I'm flying quite a lot between Hong Kong and London. And since I always want to be productive (kind of a workaholic) I decided to start doing more shoots in London to try establish myself here. There are always similarities and differences in this industry in different parts of the world, so it took me a bit of time before I figured (only a very little) part of it out. I'm lucky enough to not have to rely on my photography to make a living yet, so I have the luxury to choose what kind of jobs I want to do and really feed into my passion and inspiration. 

This time I teamed up again with the wonderful people at Elite London to shoot a few of their boys (I've got one more shoot to post from this trip). Jordan was really fun to work with, and although it may seem like it, he was pretty shy to begin with! Fortunately the sun was out (a rare occurrence for London) and we were able to grab a few solid shots. All in all I had an great time shooting with Jordan. You can check out his Instagram @jordangrace93

Having done two shoots in London now, I certainly feel like the industry here is much more open to newbies like me. There are way more opportunities to work with different talents and the general vibe is more accepting than 'you're not good enough' (in HK). So I guess for now I'm going to try and learn more about the industry in London while keeping up with my work in Hong Kong.

Hopefully after a few more visits, I could call myself Hong Kong/London based? 

Jordan shot by Brian HK Chan (BCHK)