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Ivo Buchta at Elite London shot by Brian HK Chan (BCHK)

Why do I like photoshoots? Because they often serve as some of the most inspiring and rewarding 30 minutes of life. 

But as I settled into the rhythm of the shoot and began conversing with Ivo, I was inspired to persevere. Hope was interwoven throughout the conversation of where we both came from and what we were doing in London.
Sometimes meeting new people is the best way to rediscover yourself, and this definitely held true during this brief shoot. I realized that I actually shelter a lot of fear inside of me. Fear of making mistakes and fear of screwing up and having people laugh at me. (And in my last few posts I've also continuously mentioned this fear.) Even though I have so many responsibilities already at the moment, I still get beaten down and lose motivation every so often. I know there's a lot to do. I know there isn't enough time. And I ask myself: why do you do this? 
It's a balancing act. How do I juggle studying medicine in Hong Kong and doing so many shoots? And I'm adding Rhea to that list. Even I have no clue how I do it. 
It's not like I'm unprepared or don't have people telling me to calm down and chill, but I guess it's just one of my personality traits to worry too much.

But having someone new, a stranger, tell you to "just do it" takes on a completely new meaning and it's as if all the words from them are right. If someone who doesn't know me think I can do it, then yea, of course I can! (I'm not quite sure of the logic behind this ok...). At the end of the day, it is what it is - an extremely invigorating moment.