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As mentioned in my previous post, I also crammed in two test shoots for Elite London while I was in London last Friday. The first one of these was a quick shoot I did early in the morning at Holland Park, a hidden gem of a location for any nature-lovers in London. I'll tell you more about this later. 

Back to what I was saying, it was my fourth time testing for Elite, but I was still nervous about it. A (bad) habit I do prior to shooting is search up the model on every social media network possible and try to get to know them beforehand. Even though I'm quite an outgoing and extroverted person, I'm still shy and nervous on the inside. And though I won't admit it in real life, I wanna seem cool to my models and know what they're talking about :P (alright, stop laughing!)

Since it's Fall (or Autumn as per the Brits), the sun didn't rise until pretty late in the morning and we were lucky enough to be shooting just in time for the perfect golden light. George was great to work with and we were done within half an hour. He'd just arrived from Romania a few days ago and I was his second test shoot, so I really needed to produce some good images for him. 

Test shoots are usually set-up via an Agency to help build a new model's portfolio or to give a Mainboard model a quick update. These shoots are unpaid and generally have little very little styling. The focus is less on the clothes or location, and more on the model's face and body. 

We based our shoot on three main locations inside Holland Park, and since we were shooting at 9 in the morning, we were able to avoid any people in the background. The lighting and colors of the Park made the set seem very magical, and seeing George move with such ease and comfort made the shoot feel more like fun than work. Admittedly, I get quite stressed with Tests since I have to manage the expectations of the model and the Agency (specifically the booker). That's why I always take a few more shots (even of the same pose) to ensure that I've got enough to choose from and that they are sharp and clear. Thankfully, I'm blessed to have been able to work with really professional models, and my booker at Elite is super super nice. 

Hope you all like these images! Watch this space for more coming soon... :)