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A peaceful afternoon in the countryside with Sue...

I was 30 minutes late to this shoot and I felt really bad about it. Usually I arrive at least 15 minutes before call time :( Needless to say I got to Sue's place tired and sweaty... and stressed! I had to do a good job for this shoot because I really wanted to impress her. She's a Hong Kong singer who was on the first season of TVB's The Voice show. It would be her third time ever doing a photoshoot (and she didn't have a particularly good experience beforehand) so I wanted to make sure that she felt comfortable on set and like the photos we take. 

We started off with a few shots in her house, which was built decades ago in the style of a traditional Chinese village house. The stairs were lined with some beautiful tiles that led up to the rooftop that had a view of the entire village where she lived.

After location 1 we changed into the green dress and headed to a nearby temple. These ones are probably my favorite of the series as the lighting was just perfect. I really loved the juxtaposition of the forest green dress and the bright red walls and signs of the temple. 

Lastly we changed into a navy pantsuit/jumpsuit and headed to the basketball courts and a bridge. We spent 10 minutes jumping up and down trying to get the perfect jump shot (I think we got a few!) and walked along the river to the bridge. Throughout the whole time, Sue was just telling me about how she had a bad experience at her previous photoshoot (in a studio) where the photographer wasn't getting the lighting right but blamed her for it. At the end she didn't like the photos and felt really discouraged from taking anymore photos. Hopefully after this shoot with me, she'll like photoshoots and enjoy the process much more. (And I think I succeeded!) Photoshoots should always be fun and relaxing, and I think that models (and the rest of the team if there is one) should always like the product (photos) in the end.

Well I really liked these photos, so hopefully you do too! 

- Brian