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It's been a month since Mildred's moved to London to start uni - and it's been a heck of a lonely and boring month for me here in Hong Kong. *grunts*

I know it sounds dramatic and all, but I've known for a long time that this would happen and that most of my friends will not live in the same city as me. Yet, it still seems so unreal, and above all, so difficult. To me it still feels as if everyone's just on their summer breaks - but the twist is that they're NOT coming back... *cue sad music*. And I guess I just suck at saying goodbyes and basically having my whole social support system move 5000 miles away from me. 

I was fortunate enough to fly to London last weekend (en-route to Venice - more on this later) and spend some time with some of my closest friends. I landed Thursday evening and spent the whole day with Mil on Friday. She tagged along some of my shoots and I brought her to a casting at Elite. Basically I wanted to spend every waking moment with her. Because even though we may not be immersed in conversation the whole time, her presence alone already makes me feel happier. (I don't know why, but somehow I needed to know that she was settling down ok. Parental/brotherly instincts?) And given the beautiful weather that day, we had to do what we do best - shoot in the middle of the city haha. It was around 2-ish right outside Somerset House (we were trying to find the LV Series 3 Exhibition) and we were crunching on time. So without further ado, Mil took her coat off and I clicked my lens in and we started shooting on the bridge (that I don't know the name of?). This set of photos is the result of a 10-minute snapping session and I'm glad they turned out to be pretty cool! It's always fun to have photos to look back on after spending time together. 

Looking back at the past month, I guess I was just really scared. Deep inside I was afraid that Mil might find new friends and grow away from our friendship, or she'll think I'm no longer cool (haha) and stop talking to me. Her first week in London was filled with stories of meeting new people and going out, and on the receiver's end I was both genuinely happy for her while also experiencing major FOMO. My hopes of maintaining our friendship had started to fade when her packed class schedule and the 7-hour time difference started getting in the way of us talking/texting on a regular basis. Essentially I didn't want to lose a friend because I don't have many to start with anyway (jokes). 

Going on this trip helped me renew my hopes for our friendship. And it's not because I didn't believe in her or anything, but I was just nervous about the changes. I mean, people do change and friendships do fade away, and I just didn't want ours to be one of them. Anyway, enough of feeling sad since it's the end of this post and supposed to end on a happy note, right? 

This short trip made me super happy and I can't wait to go back at the end of the month (very soon, I know). Hopefully these photos capture how we were feeling that day, and hopefully you all like them! :)