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Where is BCHK?

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Jegor Venned at Elite London shot by Brian HK Chan

OK I know many of you will be wondering: Why is he posting so many guys? Why is he shooting in London if he's living in Hong Kong? Why shoot with Elite? 

And the answer is simple: Because I can. (This is kind of supposed to be funny yet badass if you get my drift...) And quiet honestly I really enjoy shooting with guys from Elite. Their agent is incredible and they're all really professional (in terms of showing up and actually being 'present' at the shoot, you know?). I owe so much of my career to people who I have happened to just cross by chance and have been exceptionally nice and encouraging to me. So listen up kids (there's a lesson here): be nice, be grounded and work hard for what you want. Opportunities will come to you. In forms of people, failures, accidents. You can always make something out of nothing. 

Enough ranting for me now. Peace out. (Oh and go follow Jegor on Insta because he's a really cool guy and you should follow cool guys: @jegor_venned)

And thank you Calais you honestly are the best.