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Alistair Waterfield at Elite London shot by Brian HK Chan


It's me... [Adele exits stage right]

I just wanted to drop a quick update on another London boy hahah. And besides playing Adele's 25 on repeat, I've also spent some time watching this cycle's ANTM - one of my favorites was Dustin McNeer *cries*. And as I mention ANTM, I'm sure many of you will also be thinking about how this is supposedly their last season. After 22 cycles of Top Model, this show is going to end?? In a way, I do think it's time though. Tyra has tried to revive the show and make it more appealing so many times. I've never been a huge ANTM fan, but I have admittedly been hooked on to a few cycles (especially when I'm on planes and have hours to kill). Personally, I started losing interest in the show when Nigel Barker left the show. 

This got me thinking: when does something end? In terms of people that's an easy question (death, duh). But what about for my career? And magazines? And is there a limit to the age at which I can effectively use social media and will have to 'retire'? It might be too early to think about (which is probably the reason why I can't really comprehend), but I have no idea where my photography career will take me and when I will officially have to end it. I mean, there's definitely got to be an end. But does that end come when I formally decide to quit taking photos? Does that end come when I'm just not in demand anymore and nobody wants me to shoot with them? Does that end come when I die? I'd like to think the last one is how it folds out. 

Interestingly, brands often go through various 'reincarnations' and are able to live on, even way past the lives of their initial founding designers. Gucci's recent revival really inspired me and made me believe that, with the right people at the right time, nothing has to ever 'end'. Saint Laurent's rebranding a few years ago also meant that the House is able to thrive without Yves at the House. And of course Chanel is like a forever young woman in the little black dress. I don't quite know how this all works or how such talented people can help keep a brand alive, but I'm sure it'll all make sense to me someday. 

PS The second last pic in b&w is one of my favorites to date.

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