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The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the past week (though a bit hot and humid), which is both a blessing and a curse for photography. Most people think that a bright sunny day is best for taking photographs, but little did they know, direct sunlight is often too hard/bright and will actually wash out the subject's facial features. This means that at the end of the shoot on a sunny day, you'll probably end up with some really exposed photos that will be near impossible to 'save' in Photoshop (since you didn't capture the details at all). 

So in order to make sure our photos didn't look too washed out, Mildred and I waited until 6:30pm to head to the roof of a carpark to shoot these beautiful photos. The backdrop was one of the most stunning sunsets I've seen in Hong Kong, and although we were joined by many other photographers/instagrammers trying to catch the backdrop, we were still able to shoot some individual images of Mil - almost all of which came out really well. 

Hope you like these images, and never forget how beautiful your city is! 

- Brian