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After several days of researching online and doing some fieldwork, I still couldn't find a location for this shoot that I was satisfied with. Oh, why can't we have pretty rose gardens like these in Hong Kong? In my mind, I wanted this to be sort of a love story where Alica's receiving flowers from her crush and is dancing in a garden full of roses. I guess those pretty locations only exist in movies and in France. So after brainstorming a few ideas (which included shooting at a flower store, photoshopping all the flowers in, and buying flower-printed wallpaper for Alica to pose in front of) I decided: Why not create one? After all, we've got to fake it till we make it somehow.

So off we go with sticking roses into trees to make it look like we've found some magical secret garden. Location? Check.

One would hope, at the very least, that a magical location could be paired with a magical outfit. And I was in luck. Valentino kindly let me borrow some clothes from their REDValentino pre-Summer/Spring 2015 Collection, and I was absolutely thrilled to be able to work with them. Though not the traditional Valentino full-on lace gown glamor, this dress was nonetheless a sight to behold. Matched with the biker jacket and fun polka-dot pumps, this look was finally complete. Outfit? Check.

Fast forward a few days and these images were finally finished and I was super happy with them, and so were some of you on Facebook. I'm giving myself an A for effort ;)

Oh how I wish I could photograph more Valentino dresses [insert heart-eyed emoji].

Hope you all like these photos! :)

MODEL: Alica Parkes
DRESS by REDValentino
SHOES by REDValentino

Special thanks to Niki @ Valentino HK for lending me the outfit :)

- Brian