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Where is BCHK?

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(My love brought me here, and I cannot be more thankful.)

Palm trees, blue waters, colourful flowers around every corner... this was paradise. I could not believe my eyes the moment I set foot at the resort. All my #tropical and #paradise dreams finally came to life.
Flowers. Pretty flowers.
Water. Clear blue water.
Trees. Tall, green, beautiful trees.

The whole was spent sleeping in, lounging by the pool, soaking up sun, walking around art markets, tanning on the beach... everything needed for a beach holiday.

I instantly fell in love with this place. For anyone searching for accommodation in Bali, I highly recommend Sofitel not only for its incredible surroundings but also for its top-notch in-room dining.

I hope these photos can do the resort some justice, but to truly experience this small piece of heaven,you'll have to fly over here to see it for yourself, I promise you it's worth it. Time for me to work out when I can fly over there again ;)

- Brian