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For this editorial, I wrote a short poem to go with it: 

I thought I had you when you ordered my favourite caramel machiatto at Starbucks on a Monday.
I thought I had you when we texted until we both fell asleep at 2am on a Tuesday.
I thought I had you when you surprised me from behind an aisle and hugged me when we were grocery shopping on a Wednesday.
I thought I had you when you opened the door for me and winked at me on a Thursday.
I thought I had you when we finally held hands while walking around at the mall on a Friday.
I thought I had you when I kissed you and you kissed me back and our tongues met and I blushed and you had butterflies and it was like a movie on Saturday.
I even thought I had you when I looked into your eyes and found both you and me together embraced in each others' arms on a Sunday.

But on Monday, I realised I never ever had you when you told me we were 'just friends' and nothing more was going to happen; when you stopped texting me or replying my snapchats; when you no longer wanted to look me in the eye; and when you pushed me away when I tried to kiss you.

I fell in love with you and I thought you fell in love with me.

But you woke me from my week-long dream and turned reality into a nightmare.

I can't stop thinking about you and I'm wishing that time could bring me back, but I know that's not possible.

I'm trying, but I can't unlove you.


- Brian