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5 candles to bring spring to your home...

where: the upper house, hong kong / photos: brian hk chan

This weekend I dropped by Diptyque and indulged myself in some new candles to fill my room with some new spring scents. Being a lover of sweet, floral fragrances that carry a hint of the tropics or mediterranean, I picked up the following mini candles to try out this season, including my all-time favorites Jasmin and Mimosa. Take a look at what I got and perhaps sniff around a Diptyque boutique to find out which calming smell (or smells) you'd like to fill your place with this spring :)

Baies / Berries

The first out of three of the classic Diptyque scents, Baies is a unique and somewhat strange scent that you probably haven't smelled before. Inspired by their eau de toilette L'ombre, this candle is supposed to smell like a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves. The first sniff might make you want to put the candle back down, but the second and third sniffs should get you falling in love with this special scent. This candle is perfect for a cozy evening in while working or just lounging around in your bedroom -  it's also my favorite one out of all three classic scents.

Figuier / Fig Tree

After the first sniff of Figuier, you might start wondering if you've been teleported to a quiet forest in the middle of spring when the snow has just started to melt and the smell of fresh, new leaves fills up your lungs. Although not on my list of favorites, Figuier is definitely one of Diptyque's more special scents. Inspired by their eau de toilette Philosykos, this candle concentrates on the fig tree's qualities: the warmth of the bark, the freshness of the leaves, and the milky sap of the fruit, taking you on a mysterious journey through the dark woods. This candle is probably best for a rainy morning while listening to some mellow tunes and doing some light reading.


A classic scent for the romantics, Diptyque pays homage to the queen of flowers, and does so elegantly too. Roses may seem like a common scent at first, but if you've smelled other rose-scented candles before, you'll notice that Diptyque's version is especially tender and luxuriant. Like a freshly picked bouquet of flowers for your loved one on Valentine's Day Roses is perfect for an intimate night sipping some wine after dinner. Or you could just burn it whenever you want your room to smell all fancy and pleasant.

Jasmin / Jasmine

My absolute all-time favorite scent, Jasmin is sensual and voluptuous, and paints a beautiful image of a Moroccan riad with the ocean just in the background - captivating and hypnotic, to say the least. Every time I burn Jasmin I feel like I'm indulging in a secret guilty pleasure. This candle simply smells amazing and I cannot recommend it enough. This candle is (fortunately) on the strong side, and will pleasantly (and quickly) fill your room with whiffs of flourishing luxury. Best for entertaining guests, or in my case, just burning one for your own giddy amusement and child-like happiness.


Mimosa is new on my list of favorite candles. Similar to Jasmin, its strong scent beautifully awakens your senses and leaves you feeling fresh and sophisticated. Diptyque wanted this scent to recall the French riviera, filled with an abundance of mimosas brimming with the scent of hay and honey (and like Jasmin, with the sea in the distance). Mimosa is a superbly scenic candle that I've recently accustomed to burning everyday. There's just something about the Côte d'Azur that instantly eases my worries while simultaneously giving me that little 'umpf' of motivation to plan for my next photographic project.

Pop by a Diptyque boutique today or visit their website, and perhaps you'll find your next favorite scent to transform your room to a holiday home on a far island in the Mediterranean. 

Baies, Figuier and Roses mini candles sold as a set of three: US$90

Jasmin and Mimosa sold separately: US$30 each

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