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Where is BCHK?

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A few days dressed in red as we welcome the Year of the Sheep...

Jo Malone surprised me with a really cute hand-written letter the day before CNY started! Such a nice touch in today's world of emails and text messages (such a smart tactic!).

I had dinner with the family at

Shang Palace in Kowloon Shangri-La

to celebrate the New Year (and also my mom's birthday). I was super impressed by the cake and bouquet they surprised my mom with after dinner - thanks Daphne!

Continuing with my recent frenzy of home/bath products, I popped into Lush and grabbed a few bath bombs and bars to prep myself for a few days of blissful pampering at home. 

After my latest Spring Candle Haul at Diptyque, I couldn't resist but visit their Hong Kong flagship store at IFC this week again. They have a wall lined with their candles (pictured above) and it was honestly quite breathtaking. 

I really thought I wasn't going to buy anything from Diptyque, but I was persuaded by this really pretty packaging for their new scent, Rosafolia. This scent smells really fresh and floral, but isn't too overpowering, and it's not strictly a perfume/cologne so it could be used everywhere (basically you transform your house into a rose garden).

All photos by me.

- Brian