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An oriental 60s affair with Shanghai Tang...

where: shanghai tang fashion show, hkcec, hong kong / photos: brian hk chan

Filling HKCEC with a magnificent display of their AW15 Collection topped with laser lights, jazz music and an oriental 60s vibe,   Shanghai Tang closed Hong Kong Fashion Week AW15 with a cool and subtle bang.

Everything last Thursday night (22 January, 2015) was dressed in a sleek black and white theme, with accents of neon green and pink, a distinct difference from the all-white themed TDC Show on Monday. Stepping into the hall of the Show felt like entering an old Shanghai mansion - it was all extremely classy and stylish.

The show itself was a preview of the Fashion House's Autumn Winter 2015 ready-to-wear collection followed by a glam-filled haute couture section. Needless to say, the mysterious and chic vibe of Shanghai in the 60s continued throughout the night. Looks from the runway were all very aesthetically pleasing - clean lines and minimalistic designs with subtle Chinese patterns - while the dresses fro the haute couture section were all very stunning. Every dress was a delightful surprise.

Shanghai Tang had one of the best runway setups and the music for the show was absolutely amazing (like this Bossanova remix of Firestone).

Can't wait to see who will be wearing these unique pieces next season. (Sidenote: I'm also extremely proud of my dear friend Mil for landing on the Best Dressed List that evening!)

- Brian

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