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model: charmaine  / photos: brian hk chan

Those who know me well will know that I have no shame of behaving weirdly in public - I just pretend the people aren't there and try to have a good time.

Shot at one of the most busy streets in Vancouver right after the Aaizel show at #VFW, this quick shoot with Charmaine was easily the most fun I've done in a long time. Since it was on a road, we had around 30 seconds to shoot before dashing back onto the sidewalk as a tram or big bus rushed by. My flashlight wasn't particularly obedient either and it would fire off at blinding frequencies. Not to mention the dozens of people walking around and giving us amazed and what's-going-on glances.

Looking at the photos now and how they turned out, I'm proud to say it was well worth it. 

- Brian

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