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Where is BCHK?

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model: mildred / photos: me

I must confess, shooting before or during exam season is probably the most untimely thing ever. I can never get around to editing anything.
Whenever I edit a batch of photos I have to sit myself down and spend lots of time tweaking a single image to base off of for the rest of the images so they look cohesive. I guess I really felt it tonight partly because I just finished my first week of exams, but mainly because of the guilt that was swelling up inside of me as I watched Mildred's Lazy Hairstyles video and couldn't help but notice the lack of outfit posts published recently (because of me). A big big apology to you, Mil, I promise I'll step up my game.
Until the next outfit photos, sit back and enjoy Mermaid Mil flipping her fins/legs on land - was that what Ariel wanted to do again?

- Brian

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