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Reputation is a delicate song awaiting its death metal phase. 

As much as Avril would like to tell me how much she doesn't care about a bad reputation, I still can't help but let what people say behind my back (or in my face) get to me. It's not that I completely missed the 'Don't Give A Sh*t' lesson, nor am I one who overthinks everything, but it just generally makes me feel bad, you know?

As I spend a few days at home cleaning up bodies from my Study War and jamming to Foxes, I've somehow slipped into a spiritual/psychic mood, running my mind through both bad and good memories (mostly bad, I must admit). Whilst reorganising random bits and pieces and picking up remnants of Tokyo, I've been desperately trying to figure out why I am who I am and why I do all this 'stuff' related to social media. Is it to try create an alter-ego? Is it to cover up my flawed personality to pretend to be a better version of me? Or is it simply to compensate for my lack of an interesting life by dissimulating a packed schedule? Perhaps it's a bit of everything.

But as Chaucer so famously put it, all good things must come to an end - though questioning my purpose in life may not exactly be a good thing and ending that process is in fact healthy for me. I've had many people shower me with compliments and likewise as many people try to shoot me down, but I guess that's all part of the balance. "Everything in life needs to be in balance" lectured one of my Professors when asked about life and death. Though my 'situation' is definitely not as serious, it's equally smashing to think about reputation in such grand terms.

Taking a step back and looking at everything I've done and who I've grown to become, I honestly have no regrets at all. Every step I made has been worth it and every mistake has been a worthwhile lesson.

I guess it's best to leave the past behind (where it belongs) and look at inspirational quotes.

Oh and I need to pack for Tokyo - I should start searching up some new places to eat.

- Brian

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