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Where is BCHK?

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model: mildred / photos: brian hk chan (bchk)

It's always super fun shooting with Mildred and this time was no exception. After shooting a few outfits for her blog The Undercover Giraffe we went to Pier No. 9 in Central to shoot this last outfit post with a little bit of a BCHK twist - with water! Well Mildred didn't actually fall into the water - we just poured water over her hair.
It was a beautiful day and the harbour was looking fantastic as ever. We had lots of fun sipping on Starbucks and wondering why there were oranges floating in the water, amongst many other random things. As always, Mildred was a wonderful model (while pulling the occasional deep face) and was able to get into some of the most outrageous and awkward positions. The photos turned out really well and I'm so grateful that Mildred was willing to get watered down :3
On a side note, I'll be organising my second Open Shoot Day tomorrow and looking at the Facebook event it seems like around 20 people will be showing up, which I'm really excited about! Now photography aside I have to go back to cramming the cardiac cycle into my brain.
Have a great week :)


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