Where is BCHK?
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Where is BCHK?

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model: chantel woo / styling: sheena dalipe fong / photos: brian hk chan

The past few days have been quite dramatic. Those who follow me on closely on  Facebook will know that my whole Tumblr account was deleted (by my ex-lover) and so I was spending the past couple of days crying, revising and trying to remake my 2 major Tumblr blogs (bchk and confidenceiskeycampaign) and I'm proud to say that they're finally done.
I took these photos of Chantel as part of her portfolio (the head shots), and not surprisingly I seized the moment and asked Chantel if I could take a couple more photos of her (the first one). It was such nice weather that day and we had quite a few chuckles when we tried to get Chantel up on the rock. 


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