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A little LUSH brings a whole lot of happiness. LUSH HK recently opened up a new branch in New Town Plaza (Shatin), which is just a 5 minute train-ride away from my University so I decided I just had to take a little peek at their latest store addition - without the intention of actually purchasing anything, but you know what happens. 
I usually go to the one in Central MTR, and this was definitely a different experience. The new store in New Town Plaza is small but packed with loads of LUSH products. Compared with the one in Central, I actually prefer the layout of this one because you can just take one walk around the store and be able to glance at all the products (without having to really look at the middle section). The staff are extremely friendly as always, but use Cantonese as the first form of communication medium instead of English, which I guess is understandable since the Shatin population has more Cantonese speakers than English speakers. 

I suck at describing smells, but I'll give it a shot: 

The Comforter: bubble bar slice. 
This huge pink slab of bubbles-maker smells just like the LUSH store (if LUSH stores only have one smell). It smells a little like a berry mix, with a strong undertone of blackcurrant. The whole bar is the size of my entire palm, which is both good and bad about LUSH products since I'd feel like I'm wasting the whole bar just for one bath, but then there's so many bubbles! I mean, look at the colours! Can you just imagine how euphoric the colour of the water would be? (The word euphoric used here since I can't think of another word to describe this swirly/420-like look).

Dorothy: bubble bar slice. 
These bubble bars really put a dent in my wallet. They're a bit pricey but can only be used once. (I know you can break them in half and use them next time, but what's the fun of using only half of one each time?) The orange/yellow bit is supposed to be a rainbow and the blue bit the sky, but I thought it looked better as a smiley face - I know, you need a bit of imagination. Dorothy smells a lot like flowers and medicine, which is a completely wacko mix of smells but somehow it smells good. It does smell a bit stronger than The Comforter and is a bit oiler too, so I'd recommend using it asap. I got this since it was around Easter and my favourite colour is blue. Not very convincing reasons, but that's how I make most of my decisions. It's a little bit smaller than the palm of my hand and I'm so excited to see how the colours will turn out.

Ocean Salt: face and body scrub.
Now I need to give myself a pat on the back and say that my skin is pretty clear, but I do fancy the occasional scrub. On the LUSH site it says that this contains coconut cream and sea salt? Sea salt I definitely smell (and taste), but the coconut cream seems a bit faint. I tried this a couple of times (hence the finger-dig) and I really liked how it made my skin feel after. They had lots of other scrubs, but since this was in blue, I just had to get this one.

Flying Fox: shower gel.
I love how LUSH names their products. Most of the time it's got completely nothing to do with the smell or the colour and is completely out of the blue (blue - you see what I did there?). Now this is going to sound crazy, but I love honey because I had a severe allergic reaction to it once when I was little. I don't know how my brain works. After I had the allergic reaction when I was 7 or so, I've been wanting to figure out just what honey I was allergic to, or if it's just honey in general. Turns out I've only reacted badly to New Zealand honey. Something about how natural it was, probably. Oh and I hate bees. The thought of bees sends an icy shiver down my spine. The sound of them? Get me out of here right now.
This shower gel doesn't smell much like honey though, and smells more like a mix of sweet potato and flowers to me. Nonetheless it's again a good blend of smells and the product itself makes me feel squeaky clean and refreshed after using it. Good on you, Flying Fox.

Vanilla Dee-Lite: body lotion.
LUSH employed a much more straightforward naming convention for this product. I wonder if they couldn't think of a wackier name? Regardless, they did just delight to dee-lite - not sure why, but then again - why not? This is a thicker lotion than my usual dry-skin-saver, and I must admit I'm not a huge fan of it. I guess I just really don't like the feeling of lotion still staying on the surface of my skin after applying it for 15 minutes. I'm picky. I must say though, that it does an excellent job at keeping me hydrated and smelling like a walking vanilla garden.

Breath of God: gorilla perfume.
I got this from their Gorilla line after watching a review of it on YouTube. The said reviewer was fangirling over this smell and said it smelled refreshing(???). I got this at the end of my LUSH shopping trip, and naturally my nose was already stuffed with too many different smells so I couldn't exactly smell this, but I still decided to get it - bad decision. Don't be mistaken, Breath of God smells good, but it's just not a scent I like. Rather than refreshing (ahem), this smells really pungent and old. Something more suited for a 60-year-old posh granny. I don't know how anyone under the age of 50 would want to use this scent, honestly. So unfortunately, I've banned Breath of God from my scent cabinet and instead relocated it to my spray-only-if-something-smells-worse cabinet. I should probably take a proper sniff next time.

You can find out more about LUSH at their website and follow their Instagram. If you do plan on making a purchase though, I would highly recommend you go into one of their stores with a clear and picky nose, just so that you don't buy anything that isn't your cup of tea. Do get one of the bubble bars/bombs though! They're perfect for a little pamper evening :)

- Brian

PS. This isn't sponsored by LUSH, if it was, I'd be freaking out and writing about it in my bathtub.

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