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model: kody / floral crown and top: h&m; shorts: hollister / photos: brian hk chan

The sun's finally out and the ungodly Hong Kong winter has (hopefully) left for good. Amidst a busy afternoon of shooting for my Open Shoot Day for the Confidence is Key Campaign, Kody was simultaneously being a super helpful assistant and getting her make up done for Model with Kody Round 4. Since we were both missing out on the fun at Coachella and have thus resulted to stalking celebrity outfits at the event, our minds were both geared towards hipster/indie/bambi-esque outfits for the shoot.
Though we were both thoroughly drained after the 2 hours of shooting with the 20 people who showed up at Open Shoot, we were pumped and got our game on - for about 10 minutes maybe. I was particularly thrilled when editing the first and third pictures. The first one because I haven't edited a solid portrait in SUCH a long time, and working on the details of Kody's eyes and cheeks to get the colors right made me feel... at home? I was so proud of how the third shot (black and white) came out, and was trying to edit it to channel a bit of an Abercrombie vibe. Needless to say we had a wonderful time shooting and laughing (with the occasional struggle to get on top of a rock).
I am so grateful for all the support I have been given for the past 2 weeks since my little emotional breakup, and I am so pleased to announce that 'I'm over it'. Feelings aside, I guess it's back to studying now. 


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