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These flowers came in last week and they are so pretty.

I got these flowers last week from Indigo. They carry some of the most amazing home products from candles to pillows to cutlery to flowers (fake and real ones - these are real though).
I've always wanted orchids because I think they're so beautiful. I see them practically everywhere from hotels to shopping malls to the lounges at Cathay Pacific. Since my favourite colour is white, and my whole house is white-themed, I thought these would fit in perfectly. Two of the buds just opened yesterday and I was really excited when studying the detail of each flower. I remember back in high school when we learned about pollination and why flowers were shaped that way. Somehow I don't recall learning about orchids, or were they an exception to the usual floral pollination methods?
I've placed these flowers at the top of the flight of stairs to my room, and every time I come back home and go to my room, I'll walk into them first. I'm not sure if it's the colour or just the sight of them, but it always makes me feel relaxed and calm after a long day.
I highly recommend getting these flowers, especially if you're not a huge fan of pungent floral scents, because apparently they can last up to 3 months and they hardly smell. 


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